I know I've been pretty quiet this week but I've been busy getting things ready for my show tomorrow. Here's all the info:

April 12th 2008 10am-5pm
Being held at the Sawyer Homestead
320 E. Front St.Monroe, Mi 48161

Made By Moms & Moms In Business are hosting a Spring Boutique show along with a Relay for Life fund raiser. Grab bags, door prizes and lot's and lot's of awesome vendors (including me hehe!) selling awesome handcrafted items as well as showcasing their non handmade businesses. So it's a good combinations of great things!

On the mouse front my Marsha (as I refer to her) has giving me ample info on sticky traps and so I decided to not go that route. Instead I'm going to try to be more strategic about the way we place the bait and see how that goes for a few day. Plus with the weather starting to clear up and warm up a bit soon we'll be doing our big overhauling, clearing out , decluttering of the garage and I think that will give them less places to hide and hopefully they just stay away. My good friend Robin also told me that they hate lavender so after our big clear out I'm going to stash a few sashes and sprinkle it all around. I love lavender so it won't bother me any :)

So I'm off to finish packing up for tomorrow. I'll post a nice long blog about how it goes and with some pictures later this weekend and also a few new things I've been working on and hope to finish up this week as well.

xo- M


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