oh such drama!

Oh what a story do I have to tell. Let me set the scene: Tuesday night long after Joe leaves for work, it's close to midnight and I hear a russling sound in the foyer. Noah's asleep I can see him all tucked up in bed on the video monitor so I'm thinking maybe I forgot to put one of the cat's down for the night (they sleep down in the rec room) I have a bag and box of stuff in the foyer that my friend Melissa brought over earlier that day and I can hear the bag being moved and crackling about and my cat's both love to play in bags so that is why I thought it had to be one of them so I get up from the couch and walk over and peer over the banister down into the foyer and low and behold in the dim lighting of the chandelier on TOP of the box I can see a little black thing scurrying about tearing away at the bag! I stand there shocked not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me so I turn up the dimmer switch just to be sure that I'm not totally losing it and oh no my friends, it's really there! A MOUSE!!! So let me rewind a bit...all winter long while torching away in the garage I have been catching glimses of little shadows, moving things, and strange noises out of the corner of my eyes but never actually seen anything so I've just cranked up my ipod and carried on my merry little way and then one day as the garage door was going up and we were driving into the garage me and my husband both thought we saw something scurry across over to my work table but weren't sure. So I think it's pretty safe to say I was not going crazy and yes indeed we have had an unwelcomed guest that finally made it's way into the house. So let's fast forward now to me peering over the banister...I totally freaked out, I'm not even kidding you TOTAL MELTDOWN!! TERRIFIED! I have never ever seen a mouse that wasn't in a cage in a pet store not even when we lived on over 2 acres in the country years ago. I totally freaked out I'm not even kidding! Called Joe on his cell and left several frantic messages and ran over to my laptop to text him but I knew that it could take some time before he would be somewhere in the plant where it would go through or he would be able to check his cell. So I'm pacing the cat walk back and forth and feeling thankful that I can see pretty much everything from up there straight through and down to my studio and down bath and foyer so I'm totally tracking this thing all over the place. I lost sight of him a few times only to finally catch him scurrying across the top of the entry table I have with frames and candles and such in the foyer which totally freaked me out. How the heck did he climb up it and so quickly?!??! All the while I'm swinging my swiffer around and smacking it against the groud whenever he would try to get up the stairs and I was having to go back and forth along the catwalk because there is a front entry staircase and then another on the other side off my studio that comes up the back way to the kitchen and it's all connected and then goes up again to the upstairs bedrooms but that whole bottom section is wide open and he's running back and forth, back and forth repeatedly totally not scared of me at all! THEN it's like he's finally just fed up that I won't let him up so he starts CLIMBING UP THE WALL!!!No joke just totally sticking to the wall!!!!! Ok at this point I'm not going to lie I was actually bawling my eyes out, freaking out all snotty faced Blare Witch Project in the woods camera shot like, no joke! So I have to keep slapping him down while trying to dial up my mom who shows up a few minutes later in her jammies and toting her own big broom from home! Soon as she pulls in my driveway the thing disappears...I creep down the front stairs and open the door for her and she begins searching through everything at which point Joe makes it home so they both begin tearing apart the foyer closet, bathroom cabinets and my studio. Couldn't find it so at this point it's almost 1 am so I send my mom home and Joe continues to search. He starts removing all the coats and things from the front closet and shoes and stuff from the top 2 shelves and I'm like there's no way it's way up there and he's like I just have this feeling...all of a sudden he jumps back and starts laughing and sure enough the thing was waaaay up in the closet. So I threw down a laundry bag (yes I'm still up on the cat walk there is no way I'm going down there!) and Joe chased it around the closet a bit until finally catching it in the bag and then I took a few pics and we deported it back across the street into the field where it came from. whew! long enough dramatic story or what? lol! So here's some pics of the fiasco. The foyer looking like a tornado came through, actually this pic was after we had picked up a lot already. To the right is the garage door and the front door is to the left so I'm thinking we are in and out of the garage door so often that at some point it must have snuck in.The culprit...is actually cute after he was contained and suddenly didn't look as big as I thought he did before anyone came to my rescue :)
Still can't stop thinking about some of my most favorite prized shoes being climbed all over by a mouse :( yik! The next day I found Joe mopping and wiping down the whole closet and my shoes and reorganized everything the way I like it. Lucky gal that I am. I think he could really tell I felt dirty and violated lol!
And only after I uploaded the pictures did I notice that Joe grabbed for one of our wedding church programs that I had sitting in my studio for scrapbooking purposes and used it to mouse scoop (nice!) oh well lol!

All the while somehow Noah slept all through the drama and noise but loves to look at the pictures and listen to the story :)

The living room is finally put back together and we're totally in love with the carpet. It was so worth the wait! My wireless router that crapped out on us is being replaced for free and a new one is on it's way and I'm finally starting to get rid of this nasty cold but I am so looking forward to the weekend and I'm so glad this week is over lol!! Have a wonderful and drama free weekend!!


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