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I am in desperate need of updating my Glass Gallery and adding all my newer beads in not to mention it's time again to clear out all my sold out jewelry pieces and add those to the gallery of past designs. Then I need to work on adding all of the new pieces I've been working on. Some have made it to Etsy but not to the site yet. Here are several more that are on my Etsy now.

I feel like I have so many random things to talk about and show you like for example the apron I made for my show. I will never ever ever go without an apron at shows again! I LOVE it! I might have to start wearing them around the house and to the post office and work them into my everday routine because holy smokes they come in so handy and everything I need is right there! (Picture coming soon) I have a ton of patterns for aprons but I haven't tried them yet. The one I made for my show I free handed it and it turned out pretty good I must say but I want to try out some of the patterns I've collected. Who know's I might be having to add a new category to my shop lol!

It was an awesome day today, the weather was gorgeous and that perfect sunny, light jacket type of weather. I hope it sticks around for a while. I had another big load to haul to the post office today and one more tomorrow and then I think I'm caught up enough to be able to take little break and work on some new beads and other things!

The other day at (my home away from home lately) Target, hubby J found these rodent repellents that you plug in to the outlets and it supposedly gives off some annoying high frequency that only rodents can hear. One is supposed to be sufficient enough for one room but just for good measure I put one in all of the outlets in the garage :) So far so good! I haven't seen or heard anything while torching away for a few days now so I'm hoping that means that these frequency things are working, either that or maybe they just left because I stopped feeding them bah!! lol!

With the show done, orders caught up and my bad never ending cold all gone I'm feeling extra chatty again! Hooray! Maybe that will mean I'll be back to blogging daily again instead of weekly...we'll see.

xo- M


Julie said…
Hi Marianna!! Wow, using a digitial photo frame at your show is such a great idea!! I never thought of that, I think I just might copy off you!!!! :) And your table is so cute, the way you display everything is so creative and unique! :)
Marianna said…
you will love it Julie! It made such a difference with customers understanding of what you do and what they buy and a better appreciation of your prices too. Love it! Let me know how it works out for you and take pictures! I know you do a lot of shows I'd love to see your set up.

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