Etsy is the besty

I LOVE etsy! I've been buying on etsy long before I was selling on etsy and I've met some of the nicest and most talented people on there both buying and selling. My latest goodie was created by the ever talented Winnie at Blink Handbags It's GORGEOUS and full of vintage goodness and detail I'm so tickled to own it! She has a wide range of styles that are to die for. Be sure and check out her shop, you are in for a lot of eye candy and one of kind style.

Lot's happening around here, I've got a mountain of orders all packaged up and ready for drop off and probably another 2 or 3 full days of work ahead to get fully caught up on everything that came in later in the week last week and over the weekend. Thanks for keeping me so busy! You guys are seriously the best and I love all the nice emails and convos. Working with nice people makes my job all the more enjoyable and fun.

I'm sad to say that the ultrasonic rodent repellers are NOT working!!!! They're back at it again creating all sorts of rukus out in the garage while I'm at the torch. I work with my Ipod blaring and I tend to sing...very, very loud and yesterday while working I heard this loud snap! and over the loud music mind you, and sure enough one of our mouse traps had caught it's very first victim. I guess he didn't appreciate my singing and/or isn't a big fan of Regina Spektor and couldn't take it anymore lol! So alas the Ultrasonic nonsense it heading back into their boxes and back to the store :( I'm so disappointed, I really thought they were working.

Today we're waiting to see if our new truck is in yet. It's supposed to be being delivered today! After much pondering for a while now we finally decided to trade the Jeep in and get a new Trailblazer. I LOVE my Jeep but am so in love with the new truck now too plus we didn't like that the warranty has been up on the Jeep and that it was a V8 gas guzzling beast, it was taking in and spitting out like it was no bodies business and 10-11 miles per gallon is just no fun for anyone lol! For as much traveling as we like to do it's going to be nice to have something new, more efficient and with a more roomier interior too, plus you gotta love that new car smell ;)

I've got some new custom orders I'm working using some new big and chunky faceted Aqua quartz. I'll have pictures of those soon! In the mean time enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to check out some of the new joolz that are going up on my website and etsy!

xo M


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