Work, work, work

This is a definite one of a kind charm bracelet as most of the charms are vintage finds and impossible for me to track down again. It's comfortable, musical, fun to wear and very romantic!
Antiqued chain and wire wrapping and charms galore!

There is just something about vintage lockets and pocket watches that I find very romantic. This is a work in progress. The swarovski vintage butterfly used to be a hair barrett and the brass doily looking piece was part of an old earring. I think so pearls and some antique brass chain might be calling for this piece next. Vintage inspired enamel metal tags. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I just had to have them. They will most likely be used for scrapbooking but I have a few jewelry pieces in mind for them as well!
A custom order for additional pieces to my Air & Earth necklace. I ended up tweaking the design a bit by changing the chain but I think I like it even better yet! I hope she does too ;)
Necklace, earring and bracelet set.
I've got bead specials coming soon probably right after the weekend is what I'm aiming for. Feels good to finally be caught up and working on new things. Thanks for keeping me so busy!
I'm off to go start clearing out the living room a bit. Lot's of toys and dvd's and games that need to be decluttered. We're getting new carpet but it had to be custom ordered (figures the one we fell in love with would take longer than some of the others.) but it'll give us time to get rid of some of the small stuff. The installers will move the big stuff but I doubt they'll want to pick up after a two year olds mess too, I'm sure they'd charge extra for that lol!

Have a great day!!!


Talia said…
such gorgeous stuff! wow!

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