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I had an Easter entry but I lost it somehow. The long and short of it is we had a lovely Easter and did all the Eastery things that your supposed to do :) Also, my first quilt is finally done!!!!!!! woohoo!!! It didn't turn out half bad, a few wonky spots just add character, right? ;)
My little Easter Bunny Boy :) He had ears on most of the day and that's what he called himself lol!

Here's another new bracelet that is ready to wear! It was created using my lampwork glass "Spring Confetti" beads. Several of you got in on the orders for the beads on my Bead Specials this week but for those who want them ready to wear this finished little lovely is just for you! I love the way it turned out.
Here's that project I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted to do in my kitchen. It's super easy and doesn't have to be expensive at all. I got my frame for free but it's gorgeous and big with carved detail but you can choose any style that suits you. Then you can either cut a thin piece of backer board down to size most times there is a thin piece of wood that may come with your frame and I painted that with several coats of chalk board paint ($9 at Lowes) and I also inked up the frame a bit with some black to make it look even more distressed and old and hung it up. On the can of paint it says to wait 24 hrs for the paint to cure before writing on it (I didn't...eeek! I'm bad I know it but I did wait a few hours.) and viola!
Now I'm on the look out for a little side table to sit under it. Something not too big or deep. Maybe a bombay chest or something like that. Preferably an antique or antique inspired, I'll know it when I see it. So that's all for now, I'm currently working on more new pieces, updating my website galleries and finishing up orders for last weeks bead specials. I'm hoping to have some new earrings to show you tomorrow so check back!


Talia said…
loooove the blackboard! so awesome!!

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