More show n tell and more digital frames

This 3 strand faux pearl beauty is now available on Etsy.
The rest of these are on their way to my etsy shop later this evening and tomorrow.

Real pressed and dried flowers encased between two piece of glass and hand soldered (Lead Free)

It's official, I'm addicted to digital frames from 2 peas in a bucket and lilypad they're fantastic and so much fun. I still prefer for all my pictures to be uniform and simple for my site and sale purposes because it is all about the jewelry but for show n tells and for a few fun extra pics for etsy listings I like to be able to mix it up:)

Noah seems to be feeling a little better today. Fever is completely gone and he's playing and acting fine but I can still tell he's not quite 100% and his appetite is still not so good. I've been cleaning and organizing my studio, it really needed it. I love all the oranizational stuff that IKEA offers so everytime we go I stock up so I'm quickly filling up all the little jars and boxes and such from our last trip there. It always gives me a sense of relief when I get everything cleaned up and put away even if it only lasts for a few days before the creative chaos takes over again lol! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back for some more new show n tell pieces.

Stay well,



Robin said…
I gotta get to IKEA, never been yet.
Hope the little guy is on the mend.
I love that tree pendant.

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