What do you do when you're bored? hmmm...let's see I spend oodles and oodles of time playing around with new photo programs and create a new blog banner and use different photo effects to make it look like I actually sketched the photo in the posting below lol! I have an obsession with picture taking. I love to take pictures of pretty much anything and everything (especially my boy!) So when I get my hands on new programs it's like who knows where the time went! :) I'm still on my laptop but I have my desktop back today!!! woohoo!!! So I'll be able to start work on updates on my site tonight but for now I'm off to my book group!

PS My copy of the new Stephanie Sersich jewelry book arrived today!!! Haven't had a chance to look through it yet or try any of the tutorials but oh man I can't wait to settle in with it and devour it page for page! I promise I'll start work on site updates first though :)


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