Update: Not much time has actually passed since my last update, my other computer is still not fixed however just thought I share something new to look at. Maybe you remember back in October when I posted about finding (on google) a cool way to display wording and chipboard into you decor? (and I put my own little spin on it and used a photo frame and put "BOO" for Halloween and "JOY" for Christmas.) So I was finally taking down some of my snowmen around the house and decided to change out my "JOY" for another three letter word and being a lover of all things French here's what I came up with :) ...Ok back to the laundry, jeez I'm so easily sidetracked lol!

Happy Friday! I have lot's of new things to add to the site however the computer that I update from and have all my pictures stored on is on the fritz. My brother will be working on it tonight and hopefully all it needs is a new power supply and I'll be back up and running. In the mean time just in case it takes longer than expected keep checking back here on my blog for updates.
No bead specials this week but hopefully in the next few days I'll have some sets to offer in the Bead Shoppe.

Several more orders for my Seaside bead set have been coming in so you all are really keeping me super busy :) Thanks so much! I'm going to be offering some finished lampwork jewelry pieces as well. I've had several orders for the Seaside bead sets from customers who love the beads but don't make jewelry and want them made into finished pieces. So I have a few things up my sleeves for my ready to wear customers that I think they'll really like. I've also been thinking about working on a tutorial to show some of the many ways my large sculptural floral blooms can be used. My favorite is as a clasp and there is actually several ways as a clasp but there is one style in particular I just love. I've seen it used with other types of beads and components this way but I've been wiring them up with my floral blooms and they're so much fun, you'll see!

More to come! I'll keep you up to date with some sneak peeks and hopefully and update telling you my computer problems are solved :) Have a great weekend!

PS. Check out my Etsy shop to order your finished ready to wear Sea Critter earrings!


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