Still broken...

Still broken...thank goodness for my blog otherwise I'd feel totally disconnected. I added what I was planning on adding to Worth the Wait in the bead shop to my Etsy shop instead so hopefully you won't mind checking out through etsy (very much the same as through my site, paypal, the works) If you don't have an Etsy membership (which is totally free and easy to sign up for) email me and I'll send you a direct invoice for your order just let me know what sets or item (s) you would like. Click the pic to be taken to the listing or email me to place an order.
using 18g half hard sterling wire I started out with approx. 6" piece. Made my loop on one end and wire wrapped it. Added my beads and flower focal...
Made a little slight bend up against the hole of the bead and made my hook angle with a finished loopy end. Hammered it up a bit. Took 6" of hh sterling in 24 g and wire wrapped all around to keep the beads in place and Viola! Go ahead, give it a try! Any beads will work really but if you'd like one of my sculptured floral lampwork beads just email me and let me know what color you'd like ($10 each). I'll be making up a few of these ready made to be purchased and have them up for offer soon in my Etsy shop and hopefully on my website as soon as my computer is fixed and I'm able to update it.
It's freezing outside...that's no joke. Literally freezing! It's been so cold the past several days I'm hoping it'll warm up a bit so I can get out to the torch and finish up several orders and finally be caught up and ready to take on more.
Mickey & Minnie on Summer Holiday is also available on Etsy or email me to place your order. I'll be taking limited orders on these.
Click on the pictures to follow the links to their price and descriptions.


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