New Worth the Wait!

Can you believe we're in Feb. already! Kinda nutty how fast that first month zipped away isn't it? Well I've been busy making lot's of beach inspired jewelry and beads. I guess I'm not the only one dreaming of warmer weather lol! Currently my kiln is full of these pretties:I LOVE making this set of beads! There is a never ending design list of possibilities of what you can create with these beads. I've had a kiln full the last 2 days and I estimated having at least 3 more days worth to go before I get caught up on these. They are full of sculptural detail both raised and encased with a touch of whimsy don't you think? :) We're off to see Max & Ruby in concert in Ann Arbor tomorrow. Noah's been dancing around singing the theme song all day long he's so excited. I'm pretty sure I can take pics so I'll have a few to share when we get back and of course we've got to race home in time to watch the Super Bowl. I'm not a big fan , I do enjoy the commercials but I'll most likely be at my torch creating more of my Seaside little critters :) Have a wonderful day! ~ M


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