Another show n tell

Another image heavy show n tell :) Noah's room is just about done. Some crown molding, wall art and a cool light switch cover should do the trick but here's what it looks like so far. The new bed with the tent (super easy to take on and off)

I LOVE the lantern lamp. The top is bright but the lanter bottom is on a separate switch and makes the perfect night light.
Moon in My Room goes through all the phases of the moon and also acts as a night light and automatically shuts off after 30 mins. Noah loves it and it goes well with the glow in the dark stars on his ceiling. A true camping room lol!
without the tent and a partially made bed lol!
Finished the window treatments yesterday. We got hit with a major snow storm so it was the perfect way to spend the day and they turned out great!
The bedding...oh and N's Uglydoll
he's had it since he was only a few months's gotten uglier since then with the loss of an arm and ear thanks to Roxy's bad chewing habits lol! Another flea market find and most likely another one I won't be able to part with. It's seriously huge, bold, chunky and features very very vintage Swarovski crystals that are no longer in production...ok that pretty much sealed the deal I will def. NOT be getting rid of it. lol!

This one is Noah's favorite because it's got a mamma owl and a baby owl lol!
You can find this one for sale on My Fred & Ginger It's gorgeous and bold.

And yet another I cannot bring myself to part with. The biggest of them all in a stunning turquoise and in 3 moveable parts. Love it!
The storm...I LOVE snow!!!! Is that not a gorgeous scene. Snow is the best part about winter and everything that goes with it. It's what makes winter cozy! I can't ever seem to pick a favorite season , there is something about every season that is my favorite that's the good thing about the weather in Michigan that I would miss if we ever moved somewhere else.
I've got my Moms in Business networking night tomorrow which is like a mini show so I have to get all my beads and baubles together for my display :)
Stay warm!


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