Crafty Girl

Just popping in to share my latest crafty adventure. Here's a $249 catalog find that I added to my inspiration/design notebook several months ago when I decided to redo my studio. Here's the chair I just finished...Antique oak chair (Free!) plus a can of high gloss paint ($3.98), plus some fabulously fun faux fur zebra print fabric ($5.63 for 24" cut plus I have quite a bit left over!) some upholster tacks (free already had them around cause I've done this before a few times and my staple gun was out of ammo hehe!) and a hammer and viola!
My house is decorated in a mix between traditional and French Country with the curves and black wood furniture but my studio is a ultra funky French Country which basically means the traditional looking black and dark finish on the wood but with colors and patterns hollering out to ya from everywhere :) It's definitly a fun room to work in!
Not bad for around $10, right?


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