I'm still slowly working on bead specials with all the Worth the Wait and custom orders coming for holiday stuff bead specials have been on hold. I want to make sure everyone get's their holiday orders in plenty of time to enjoy them. I'm going to keep holiday beads up until next week and put up some new things to choose from. I've got several new clay pendants and charms in the works, that's what all of my fun creating time has been going to. I'm hoping to have those up on Etsy and Rings n Things very soon!

Book group was a blast last night. I made more headway on my quilt. It's pretty exciting to see when I lay out all the squares I have done so far and it's at a point where I can actually imagine what the finished project will look like and I can't wait I'm so excited! I'll post some pics later. In the mean time I'm back to working on some new things! Have a great day!


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