Hope you all had a great weekend! We got hit with quite a bit of snow on Saturday and by Sunday it was all melted :(

I finally got around to scanning Noah's picture of his visit with Santa we had done last week. This year we took him to a different mall (Franklin Park in Toledo, Oh) they had such a cool set up with a play area and different displays with music and talking, moving figures MUCH better than our local mall. I want to also take him to the one in Ann Arbor which is even better yet!

This year the holidays have been so much fun. I mean they are every year but this is the first year that Noah really understands it all and talks about it and knows who Santa is. His first Halloween & Christmas he was only 3mths and 5mths old and last years holidays it was all about seeing his face and his reaction which was priceless but this year he understands it all and is very animated about everything lol! Here's a peek at my quilt that I've been working on. It's going to be quite big, I cannot wait for it to be done! For my bookgroup we also do some sort of craft project while we discuss and we decided for the winter months that my cousin Cathy (who's SUPER DUPER talented in case you've missed me mentioning that in any of my other blog postings lol!) is teaching us to quilt.
Here's a look at my latest batch of clay pendants. I'm so in love with them! They are so much fun to make too! They are all carved, stamped, painted (many different color layers), sanded and distressed (which then brings through all the different layers) and then protected and sealed and ready to wear! I think my favorite is my free handed tree, I might have to keep that one for myself. They still need a final clean up and then they'll be ready to go. The other two have an intricate scrolly designs and then the 1 to the right was created using one of my most favorite stamps of all with these handwritten looking cursive words I call it my love letter stamp but I'm not really sure if it's a love letter sounds dreamy though, right lol! They'll be going up on my website and etsy soon! I'll keep you posted.
I'm off to clean some beads, box up some joolz and head to the post office! Enjoy the rest of your day!


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