Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lot's to show n tell

A very image heavy show n tell for you today :) It's been so busy around here so it's much easier to post pics than to explain lol! The Studio has gotten it's face lift and I'm totally tickeled by the way it turned out, LOVE it! There's still a hanging light that the hubby is going to be putting up above my center work table but it's such a fun room to work in now. I've totally rearranged the furniture and I have a much better triangle path with my work tables which makes a world of difference.

Also I'm still working on beads and bead specials slowly but surely but orders are taking priority right now with the holiday rush. A minor glitch in something I must have messed with and shouldn't have had my site looking weird yesterday morning, sorry about that! It was Marsha to the rescue (as always hehe) though and it was fixed in a jiffy. She's the greatest and not just because she fixes my screw ups all the time :)

Yes I realize there is snow on the ground it most parts of the country however I couldn't resist. I love starfish and it was just calling to me! Antiqued brass, faceted prehnite, congnac faceted quarts, faceted Chalcedony (sim.) briollettes and it's a stunner of a necklace to die for!

Remember my New Years resolution to knit socks? Well it only took almost a year but look I've got everything ready to go!! wooooopeeeeee!!! I'm hoping 2008 is full of lot's and lot's of socks...that hopefully match and fit on normal size human feet lol!

My girl Mel got me this adorable shoe pillow which sits on one of my work chairs and always makes me smile. She also got me several collector shoe figures that are so awesome so now I'm on the looking out for some sort of display rack for one of my studio walls similar to my stamp display. Might end up being a Shippshewana find again this Spring.

Here's a bit of the new studio look. You can see the rest HERE. Or in my studio picture folder depending on which blog you're reading (I cross post sometimes, I'm guilty!)

My Tree of Knowledge clay pendant ready to wear! Lot's more in similar and different designs on the way shortly.

A custom tote order that I just adore! Thanks for giving me creative freedom on this one Mary!!!!


My latest in "fun & funky pant's for Noah" creation. Disney oversized cuff fun pants :)

More quilt square coming along nicely!

Beads and Joolz by day stitching away through the night, that's pretty much what my days have consisted of for quite some time now :) Thanks for stopping by!

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