It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

I always try to make a lot of my gifts and not just for Christmas but for all sorts of occassions so when I came across this cool website I didn't hesitate to sign the pledge :) And here are some new things I've stitched up this week:

sits with a flat bottom when it's filled with goodies and necessities:)
I love the lining fabric! Amazing colors and super fun!
These are similar to my wristlets but much smaller, they're for pacifiers and have a velcro closure as well as a velco closure on the strap so it can be hung from a diaper bag handle or stroller or car seat etc. Love these things! You'll always know where to find it and have it easy reach! Obviously you could put other little things in it too. These two are for xmas gifts for my nieces...sssshhhhh, NO PEEKING!!! ;) And just a little sneak peek into our kitchen. This time of year with the Christmas music piping through the speakers and sweet treats baking in the oven with yummy smells filling the house it's sure to put you in the Holiday spirit!

Happy Holidays!!!


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