Studio talk

My studio is undergoing yet another transition:) Paint! woohoo!!! Thank god for professional wall paperists who use sizing and do it all properly because it made my life a whole heck of a lot easier let me tell you! The wall paper was a really pretty white on white pin stripe with a sheen to it to the point where it actually looked like a paint technique with one glazed stripe and one not so on and so forth however I'm a big color person so it had to go I just couldn't handle all the white anymore. It literally peeled right off in perfect strips! The walls underneath as far as I can see are perfect so no spackling or sanding just straight to paint and I finally decided (I think) on a paint color. Sauteed Mushrooms. I think it'll look great with all the black wood and cherry wood furniture pieces, frames and natural stones of the fireplace and ties in nicely with my french country/traditional feel that I'm going for. I just hope that it looks just as good on the actual walls because paint has a strange way of changing once it's actually on.

It's been so cold already which I usually love but today's been one of those days were the cold and gloom caught up with me and I found that if I sat too long without being productive I had the urge to crawl back under the covers and go to sleep lol! But I didn't, instead I finished up a few bead orders and more new pieces of jewelry for my show next weekend (pictures coming soon) so for those of you expecting beads they're heading your way tomorrow:) Enjoy! I'm off now to get Noah tucked up in bed and then I've got to work on my bookmark for my bookmark swap that I'm participating in. Have a great night!


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