I dream in color...

and I had a dream I painted the studio Smokey Grape. So today at Lowes when it came down to pickin time and I actually saw the Smokey Grape and remembered my dream I had to nix the Mushroom I was originally going with (see previous posts) and walked out with the Smokey Grape instead. Joe's on vacation all next week so we'll be painting away then in the mean time I couldn't wait and just had to paint a smudge on each wall just to see how it looks in different light and shadow and so far so good. The color is totally based off my favorite lamp that is in that room I'll have to remember to snap a picture of it. In other news Noah is officially in a toddler bed. His crib transforms into a toddler bed and he's loving it and actually staying in it pretty well. The first night he got out a few times to call down to me a few random things he felt the need to tell me :) Last night he stayed in and not a peep so we'll see how night #3 goes. I have a video monitor so that makes it really nice to be able to actually see him and what he's doing. I thought he'd be getting up to play with toys but apparently my kid really likes his new bed and just chilling in it while watching Fresh Prince of Bellaire reruns on Nick @ Nite until he falls asleep lol!

Specials for the week? I don't know yet. It's not looking very promising because Saturday is my big Holiday Market show and I'm up to my ears in custom orders and Worth the Wait bead orders BUT I may do some single beads or bead pairs I'll let you know how it's going so check on back with me periodically. Have a great night!


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