It's really beginning to feel like Fall around here. The weather has been on the cool side and terrific I love it! As much as I enjoy Summer I do get excited for Fall and all the yummy Fall smells, burning leaves, spicey candles, soups and holiday decorations. Onto beadier things, I was going to put the bead specials up today but I think I'm going to hold off and add some more sets to the mix so I'm planning on posting them after the weekend so be sure to check back! :) I'm working on finishing up several orders today so I can get everything shipped off over the weekend. This weekend is jammed packed with birthday parties, baby showers and a wedding and next weekend is much of the same so needless to say I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for vacation!!! I cannot wait! lol! I'm heading off to get some work done and pictures taken so I can get some new things up on my site. Be back later! Have a wonderful day!


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