Sorry for the lack of updates we've had some pretty nasty storms roll through and SUPER HOT weather so I was taking advantage of it by creating lot's of new goodies. I've got a home show next week that I've been busy preparing for too and 2 other shows coming up in the Fall. I'm going to work on getting a little bulletin up with show info soon so if you're in the area you can pop in and say Hi! :) I've got a new auction up! I love making Halloween beads, everytime I sit down to make a batch I come up with something new to try to make there's just so much fun themse stuff that goes along with the holiday it's easy to think up new things to make for it. I really love the little outlined pumpkin on a lentil and the ghost outlined on the lentil, those were really fun to make and I really like my ghost lentils. There's so many ways to make these types of beads and it's always fun to be able to put my own spin on it so 2 yrs ago I started making my ghost lentils in a very simplistic angled way so it looks like a floating sheet and he works out great this way because he can be strung side to side or worn north to south for pendants or earrings and still be facing the correct way so it's perfect! I've got even more new joolz to take pics of and I'll try to get those up later this week if not sooner! I'm leaving my specials up through the weekend and taking orders for them because I've had a few hold requests on them for Friday it's payday for most people I totally understand and I usually try to post them for the weekend but I got antsy this week :) This past weekend I suprised Joe with his birthday present a few weeks early! His birthday is Aug. 27th ( the big 3-0!!! yikes! lol! )and I knew we're planning on going away that weekend plus being that it falls at the very end of summer I wanted him to be able to get as much use out of it before the weather turns cold so anyhow long story short I bought him a new mountain bike! It was much needed because his old bike was ancient and having all sorts of problems lately and we really enjoy tossing our bikes up truck and biking all over the place and this year we bought a pull along bike caddy thing for Noah to sit in which he loves and I was surpised with a new mountain bike for xmas so I knew it was time for Joe to retire the old beast for a new one lol! He was pretty excited about it which was great because he is really super hard to shop for when it comes to non clothing items. So anyhow that was our weekend and of course it rained and stormed on and off the whole weekend so we haven't gotten to get a good ride in yet go figure, right? lol!


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