This week I've been so busy working on jewelry orders and bead singles so I think I may only have 1 or 2 sets for specials however I've been having some fun torch time creating earring pairs which will include 2 matching decorated beads and 2 spacer beads so you'll get 4 beads total that are perfect pairs for earrings. I know many of you make your own jewelry and many of you own "Change a bead" earrings so it's easy for you to just unscrew the end off and add the beads to create your own earrings so these beads will be able to work for those too (1/16th) If you need the bead holes to be larger I am willing to take orders for those requesting them. I'm hoping to have a few sets to offer this week so hopefully Bead Specials will be up tomorrow! Be sure to check back!


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