Show & Tell!

I have a lot of show n tell for you today! I've got a show on Thursday so I've been really busy working on new things for it. Whatever you see here that doesn't sell I will put up on the site afterwards but if you see something that you just can't be without email me and let me know and we'll work something out. I'll give a quick run through of some details. HUGE deep faceted swarovski crystal ring. This one has a thinner band than the one further down. This is a nuckle to nuckle ring it's gorgeous and very bold.
Filigree and faceted blueberry quartz earrings SOLD
Laser lace filigree super long and luscious looking on! I Love these! SOLD (but another pair similar available)
Brown mother of pearl with picasso pressed glass beads in turquoise (my favorite color combo for the season) SOLD (but another pair is now available)
Mother of pearl shell and swarovski crystals in black diamond AB SOLD
HUGE swarovski jet black faceted crystal the band on this one is silver wide and hammered (NOTE: all of my rings are fully adjustable) SOLD (but I have one more available)

Hand glazed ceramic beads by a local artist with faceted round aqua quartz and silver chain. SOLD
chain maille shaggy loops style with aqua quartz faceted beads.
Mother of pearl shell, swarovski crystals, silk cord in aqua and lime. SOLD (another one in different color combo coming soon)
large hoops with swarovski crystals and faceted briolettes
silver filigree and faceted briollettes in jet

this is a custom piece I worked on this week with enameled shells and faceted topaz briolettes
This piece matches the earrings at the top. SOLD (but another one is going to be available soon)
red mother of pearl, hematite and jet faceted briolettes with silver chain
Large faceted blueberry quartz with silver chain and a faceted round opalite
Matches the necklace.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday it's back to work for me! :)


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