More Show n Tell!

Some more show & tell for you today! More hand glazed pottery pendants, mother of pearl shell, crystals, faceted briolettes and a very pretty and somewhat retro foiled lucite pendant that I love and have been hording away in my stash :) Did you have a good weekend? We sure did. The weather was great, spent lot's of time outdoors despite the heat it wasn't so bad in the shade though. Did some shopping and caught up on about 9 hrs (no joke) of one of my favorite shows Ghost Hunters! Gotta love Tivo! I think my favorite episode out of the lot was they're trip to the Ireland ruins the infrared of the little things following the team and the face they caught on the tape really creeped me out. I think this was an older episode but I hadn't seen it yet. So anyhow I'm working on new specials still not sure when I'll be posting them I'm thinking Friday but I'll see how the rest of my week goes and how busy I get with orders and continuing getting things ready for my show Thursday I'll just sort of play it by ear. In the mean time keep checking back for more show & tell! Have a great day!SOLD


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