Tuesday updates and chat

Never got a chance to get some sneak peeks up yet but I will! I've been working on even more new things in the mean time and a few really awesome custom orders to share as well. I've got Noah's birthday party coming up next weekend so I'm trying to get everything in order for that. Cake to be ordered, decorations to put up, decluttering the rec room and downstairs kitchen and lint rolling all the furniture down there (where the cats sleep) so that our guests don't walk out of here looking like yeti's ;) I've got some new bead sets in the works for specials this week. More Halloween but even a beachy set too. As much as I love Halloween I'm still not ready to quit making summer beads and the set coming up this week is so darn cute. It has been dark and gloomy the past 2 days I'm hoping for a nice big summer store. The law sure could use it it's pretty burnt out looking:( I'm heading off to lay Noah down for his nap and make some more beads! Have a great day!


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