Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! We BBQ'd and enjoyed the weather. It almost didn't feel like much of a holiday with it falling mid week but Joe was enjoying having the day off to break up the week. Book group was a blast the other night. We made these really cool tote bags out of pants. I had a pretty pink pair pre baby that I just couldn't let go of added some black & white polk dot lining and now I get to enjoy them again as a purse:) I have an under the bed rolling bin in the guest room full of skirts and pants in colors and patterns that I love that no longer fit or that I picked up at tag sales with plans of using the fabric for something else but when I picked up the fabric for the lining I knew right away that I wanted to use those pink pants. I'll have a picture to show soon, I'm still adding some embellishments. I've got a show this weekend I'm really excited about. I'll be sure to take lot's of pictures it'll be a nice little getaway too. I'll have bead specials and some new jewelry pieces up when I get back. I'm off to go get my hair done. It's always nice to get a little pampered, right? :) I'm going to try and post some sneak peeks later on this evening! Have a great weekend!


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