Had a great weekend! The weather was gorgeous and high 70's low 80's at most that's my kind of weather! I'm holding off with the bead specials until I get back from my jewelry show this coming weekend because for one thing I've been burning the midnight oil for a week straight getting things done and prepared for it and filling orders for jewelry and beads so not a whole lot of time to work on new beads the last few days but also it's a holiday week and a lot of people are on vacations and doing their 4th of July thing so that'll give me more time to have some cool new beads for you to pick from next week. I did manage to work on new beads today though and play with all my new glass. I have a new favorite pink that is just gorgeous! I'm so loving it. It's hard to find a really good pink when it comes to glass and this new pink of mine is fabooo, wait till you see! My shipment of sterling silver wire came in. I was plum out but this should last me quite a while, I got a little carried away:) I've got some new joolz coming soon. I've been hammering away all day and creating some really neat new pieces. New glass, gemstones, silver, beads, findings that sort of thing is all I ever need to get the creative juices going and it seems like everything I ordered showed up all at once lol! back to the work bench for me, have a great night!


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