I'm back!!!

Had a blast! It was very hot and an outside show (art in the park type) but I had a great umbrella over my table and me and a good breeze going so it wasn't too bad. Met a lot of really nice customers, sold lot's and had fun! Spent the rest of the weekend shopping and eating great food. Found a gem of a boutique that will hopefully be carrying my line of joolz soon (fingers crossed!) and found the sweetest vintage clutch and sundress reminds me of I love Lucy!
I'll be back in a bit with some new things to show you! I'm still going through whats left of my inventory to mark the things that I had up on my site as SOLD etc. I mostly had new items that I never got to put up on the site because they were for the show. I'll have some vacation pics too because we did a lot of different activities this time than last time it was so much fun! Be back in a bit!
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