Thursday! and yet another new auction!

Book Group tonight! But before I head out here's a little show and tell: New to the Bridal Suite! I love these earrings! Very classic, long, linear and sassy.
One of my bestest friends Melissa made me this Noah Shadow box frame complete with one of my favorite pics of my boy! Isn't it gorgeous?!
A couple of new additions to my studio! Hooray for organization! This tall cabinet is perfect for all my pendants, supplies, focals, beads, stamps, hammers, tools etc. LOVE IT!!!
The shelf cabinet is one that I found a flea market on vacation last week! Perfect for displaying my most favorite stamps. The fabric and ribbon memo board was one of my book groups craft projects from a few weeks ago!
Noah's jamming on his new guitar. What a rockstar! lol!
These beauties are HUGE and are growing like crazy all over my flower beds. They started out as just 2 plants but this year they were big enough to separate so I've been clipping them, scooting all the ants off and setting them in vases around my studio:) I've got another new auction up today, I'll chat about that later. I'll be back after book group with some pics of this months craft project and some book talk. Have a great evening!


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