Book group & Craft was a fun as always! It's nice that the weather cooperated and didn't rain and wasn't too hot so we were able to hold our meeting outdoors. We made paint can planters. I'm keeping this one to put ribbons and crafts stuff in to display in my studio but now I've got the bug and I'm going to make a few more for outside as hanging planters. Our next book is "Undead & Unwed" I started it early and just finished it, super funny! I would definitly categorize it as a good beach/summer read. There's a whole series of them so I plan to read through the whole series. If all goes well in the kiln I'll have yet another auction up tomorrow:) For me auction sets happen when I start making a certain theme (whether in color combo or sculptural etc) and I can't stop because I get caught up in it and this week has been one of those weeks where the muse has been right on cue. This next set is something different for me. Very organic which I don't tend to do too often but if they come out of the kiln looking as good as they went in it'll be a very cool set. The trouble with organic style is the "formula" to get the organic look doesn't always like soaking at the high temps of the kiln for as long as it's needed to anneal and some colors react differently at different temps so it's matter of playing and experimenting A LOT which is why I don't do it too often, my attention span and patience is limited lol! So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed at this point:) It's a beachy theme set that I've been refering to as "Barnacle Beads" but I may have to come up with a prettier name than that lol! Have a great weekend! Check back tomorrow and see what comes out the kiln;)


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