Specials sold out fast! Thanks so much! The vessel is still available I know there are more beads set fans than there are focal bead fans but I still have fun making and trying new things. I'm keeping the cupcakes button up because those are so much fun and I'll keep taking a few more orders on those. We're walking for two different teams for the Relay for Life tomorrow. It's such a wonderful event and the way it's organized at our local fair grounds it always turns out to be a HUGE success with a great turnout that makes me really proud. Cancer has claimed friends and loved ones on both sides of our family (most recently Joe's grandfather) and we also have survivors too so this is a cause near and dear to our hearts. The walk starts at 10am and doesn't end until 10am Sunday so we all take turn holding out team baton or mascot and walking rotating hours and it's a lot of fun. My favorite part is once it get's dark they line the whole walking trail on both sides with memorial luminari bags, it's a very humbling and special thing to see. They is always a lot of interesting boothes or events that take place like Locks for Love so I'll try to get some great pics again this year. Have a great weekend!


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