Monday... later

New Garden Paws auction is up! I have a few other larger sets in the works so I'm thinking I'll be putting those up as auctions soon too, haven't decided yet. Noah's Mickey Mouse Crocs came this week. He LOVES them and squeeled "MICKEY!" as soon as he opened the box, it was pretty cute, now he doesn't ever want to take them off. Also he's become addicted to Austin Powers Goldmember this week , can't say that I blame him it is the funniest one:) Tomorrow Joe & I celebrate our 8 yr wedding anniversary! We're both itching to see "Knocked Up" so I think we're going to do that this weekend. It's such a pretty day out and I think it's supposed to actually be like this all week. I'm heading off to go get some outdoor chores done, Have a great day!


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