it's technically Monday...can't sleep

I can't sleep so I thought I'd get our Indiana trip pictures uploaded. I took 292 of them! lol! Be prepared for lot's of pics throughout the week and here's a good chunk of them in case you'd like to see :) PS. Bead Specials up early in the morn! New auction coming mid day! Playing at one of the playgrounds in Middlebury. Wowza I seriously thought I was going to hurt myself trying to get down from this thing lol!
Noah had a blast driving and riding the golf carts that we use to get around the properties and "neighborhood"

Horse drawn vehicles get their own parking spots!
Noah thought pretty much every rock or lawn ornament made a good place to sit lol!
Yeah this looks like a good place to sit too

The cheese factory! This is of after the cheese was already made and they cleaned up.
I almost ran over this little crawdad down by the river with the golf cart. He wasn't a very happy camper. I took at least 10 other shots of him trying to get a good pinch :)
My father in law found this abandoned egg and nest on their property.
The Essenhaus LOVE this place! We climbed all the way to the top of that siloh for the worlds crappiest pictures:( but it was still fun however I thought I was about to keel over by the time we reached the top lol!
The flea markets! There was a TON of people and I found some great little finds and organizational type stuff for my studio and other cool little finds.


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