It's a gorgeous day out so I'm keeping this quick. Just wanted to give you a little heads up on some new things going up on the site later today and be sure to check my Etsy shop too! Pearls and Lace hoops with beautiful filigree
Tahiti Bangle has a mix of silvers and my lampwork glass beads
" SHE" 1 1/2" cameo ring
A few of my wildflower button beads with big bold silver flowers. Big and bold bracelet perfect for summer!


Julie said…
Hi Marianna! Thanks for the good wishes. Everything is just crazy busy right now, but hopefully life will slow down after we move... It is going to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE change for us in so many ways, but we think we are making the right decision so I just hope everything works out!! If you know anyone who wants to buy a house in Ann Arbor, just let me know, ha ha! :)
Julie said…
Oh my goodness, I just looked at your Specials and that bear is ADORABLE!!!! :) And the vessel is gorgeous and actually all of your Specials are just so unique and fun! :)

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