Tuesday updates and chat

First I have say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my brother Frank, his b day was yesterday and we had cake and icecream and pizza at my parents yesterday. yum yum! I never checked the label to see what kind of cheese cake it was but man was it ever good. I think it might have had cookie dough in it or something but whatever it was I'm still thinking about it lol! I'll have to ask my mom where she got it. So I'm glad the my big bold gold cab rings are so popular! I have a few more left and just put up another one on Etsy too. I still need to get pics of the other rings styles and I have some more new joolz to put up too. I got wrapped up in making beachy beads at the torch today but most of them I'm keeping for myself to wear this summer but I've also got some other cute beads that should be ready by the weekend. Tonight's Bunco! I love Bunco nights they're so much fun I belong to two different Bunco groups and at my last Bunco I got 3 Bunco's AND highest score so I'm hoping I still have that good luck with me tonight lol! (looking back at that sentence and had to laugh at how many times I said Bunco, I'm a dork!) Wish me luck! :)
PS. Yes you can almost guarantee that the above image will be made into a pendant soon lol!


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