Thursday~ New Auction

I've got a really pretty (if I do say so myself lol!) new auction up! My new flat sided lentil/spree press is officially my new favorite shape. It even makes plain transparent glass with no decorations look awesome. I love this color combo too , pinks and green's are my favorite. I've got some new non jewelry things in the works as well as new jewelry things too. I'm just about caught up on my orders for this week and I've got a few new sets started for specials this week too. Busy, busy, busy I tell ya! but I like it :) I've put a few more things on my Etsy shop. I've been trying to be good about adding things as often as possible I know a lot of people who like to shop etsy and they say that they look for that and it makes me easier to find in the featured sections etc. I'm quite enjoying the whole Etsy scene I must say.
Tomorrow I'm hosting Bunco here and being the last minute person that I am I spent most of the day running around buying prizes and food but it's all in good fun! The shop where we usually have our scrapbook mom's night had a family emergency so I hosted that at my home this week too. So much fun! I got a lot accomplished and I'm pretty pleased with how my pages turned out. I'm so bad about journaling my pages though, I never know what to say, for some reason I can't ever come up with any clever captions. I may need to check out the library for some good idea books. This weekend is our Relay for Life car wash that's always a lot of fun and I think the weather is supposed to be really nice too. I'm still waiting on my awareness ribbon charms and then I'll be offering up some special pieces and donating 100% of the profits to Relay for Life. I'll have some cell phone charms and some other cute things for a great cause. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll try and pop in with some pics and sneak peeks of some new things.


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