Yet another week that has flown by. I got caught up in bead and etsy orders so I never finished the bead special sets that I started so that's what I'll be working on this weekend so I'll have some new goodies to put up next week. I added some cool new tank tops to my etsy shop and I'll have some cool new rings going up this weekend after the epoxy and resin set. It's my 28th birthday this weekend so I plan to spend it shopping, eating great food and enjoying the weather! ;) I'm hoping to get whisped off to the movies to see Disturbia too, which I've been itching to see for a few weeks now. The Ann Arbor book festival is this weekend too. I'm hoping to get a chance to head up that way but I think I'm already spreading myself thin with things to do but we'll see how the weekend plays out. I desperately am in need of sitting down and playing with my beads and gems for some new designs. I have some home shows in the works and I really want to load up my inventory with a wide range both design wise and price wise. Well the sun is finally shining and I hear Noah singing in his room which means he's up from his nap and ready to play lol! Have a terrific weekend! I'll post some of the new rings tomorrow and Sunday and if the epoxy dries enough I'll snap some shots later today and post a peek here on my blog! Check back!


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