So last night, it's late, everyone's in bed and has been for hours. I'm still downstairs putzing around working on new joolz and watching Y& R on Tivo. When I'm ready for bed I roamed around the main floor checking the locks and turning off lights and I stop off to the bathroom to pick up Joe's dirty towels off the floor (grrrr...they were laying next to the hamper!!!! NOT in it!!! why?!!! why?!! why?!!!) and I for some strange reason glanse behind the door and I see this bright red, ugly, creepy, nasty spider. I HATE spiders they freak me out big time and it's like this thing saw that I spotted him and that the jig was up and he makes a run for it! so I start grabbing for a towel to throw on him to keep him contained but he won't sit still so...I mace him! well ok not with mace but what would be equivalent to it in the spider world...I hair sprayed him within an inch of his life and then I hop over him to go find a shoe, one of Joe's shoes to be exact (leaving wet towels on the floor...that'll show him!) so I squash the stunned,ugly, creepy, nasty thing and then give him a good spray again just incase he tries to put himself together and make a run for it in the night because I left him there for Joe to clean up (they really freak me out I tell ya!) then I spend the rest of the night on THIS site trying to find out what the heck kind of spider he was because it was just too freaky looking and I've never seen one in MI let alone in my house! I can't even find him on this site!And I can't stop looking at all the pictures but they creep me out so bad! I think he is somewhat related to the picture of June 2nd towards the bottom of the page posted by a person from OH. When I finally tried to go to bed I got zilch for sleep and kept feeling like I had creepy crawlies on me all night :( I'm spraying every inch and crevis down with Home Defense today and I can't bring myself to go out to my work bench to make beads today because I just know he came from the garage area and so I'm ganna have to give it a good spray down and then let my nerves settle. I wish I knew what kind of spider he was and if he's poisonous or just ugly. So that was my night, that's my long spider story. I'm sure I have some of you who can sympathize. Oh and Bunco was a blast as usual but I didn't win :( boohoo. Ok I'm ganna get some lunch going for Noah and me and then go tape off my pant legs at the ankles and prepare to head out to the garage to find the bug spray :)


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