Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! The weather was gorgeous here so we spent the whole weekend outdoors flying kites, putting together Noah's playscape, filling the sandbox, washing down all the patio furniture, putting the canopy up on the swing, planted my seeds for my garden and pretty much anything else that would keep us outdoors lol! I got breakfast in bed and got to sleep in (which I get to do most Sundays anyways thanks to Joe) and I layed around watching HGTV but kept looking outside and seeing how gorgeous it was so I finally got my butt up and at 'em. I picked me up some nifty new gardening gloves because I'm constantly losing them. I don't know where they all go or what happens to them all I know is is that one day they're just gone so we'll see how long these ones last me. I really like these new ones and have taken to hanging them in a little seed basket on a peg in my garage so if these ones go missing then I totally give up. I'm still working on specials for this week. It's slow going because the weather has been so nice it's hard to sit still at the torch so it may be time to switch my schedule back to nights for torch work. It's probably not a bad idea especially once the temps start yukky-ing up to the 90's and Michigan's humidity kicks into action it get's pretty gross and uncomfortable and it's normally actually pretty cool in my bead studio but with a kiln sitting a foot away kicking 960 degree heat at me and my face hovering over my 1900 degree flame I don't think there's anyway around it :) I've got some mini sets of my Garden Gem's auction in the works for specials as well as some funky cool beads that give off a bit of a retro feel and tomorrow I think I'm going to whip up a few things a little different. I'll play around and see what I come up with. I'm working on so many little projects lately and I keep saying I'll have sneak peeks but I'm not quite at the point yet to take pics so we'll see how I do this week. In the mean time I'm off to do some updating and then it's lights out for me. :)


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