Disney here we come!

We're officially going to Disneyworld! Ok so it's not until Sept. cause we don't want to get stuck in the bad part of the heat but I'm still excited!! My parents took us when we were little and all the rest of our Florida trips have been elsewhere so it'll be fun to go back. It'll be a Joe & Noah's first time at Disneyworld so that makes it even more exciting. My parents will be down there and my sister and her hubby and son will be meeting up all down there too so it's going to be fun to have a big group to go to the parks with. We're not staying in Disneyworld though because we'll be down there a week and we want to go to Daytona and a few other places. As big a Disney lover as we are I think 2 days is plenty lol! I'm really excited for Seaworld too. We used to have a Seaworld in Ohio so it was only a few hours drive from us so we were sad to see it go years ago. Noah's very much into aquatic marine life and stuff like that so I know he'll get a kick out of that. It's cooled down a lot after the storms from yesterday so today's been kinda glum and yucky. I need to get myself motivated and moving. I've got some errands to run and then I'll be back with some cute new stamped tanks to put up on Etsy.


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