I posted out an email about all the new goodies and clearance sale going on on my Etsy shop but I think the link got messed up so just in case HERE it is. I always like trying new things and Etsy is really cool with lot's of great DIY artists plus their seller fees are WAY better than ebay's by a long shot. I've not given up ebay though, I know that lot's of people still enjoy bidding and I do too but Etsy is fun as well. I'm still getting the hang of it and I figure it'll be a great place to post clearance items, made to order, focals and single beads etc. So if you get a "Correction" email later that is what it's all about, the broken link. Sorry for any confusion.
Tomorrow we're taking Noah to see "Go! Diego, Go! The great animal rescue. He's so excited he keeps saying we're going to Go's house lol! No matter how many times I tell him he still think's Diego's first name is Go lol! I'm not sure if I'm actually supposed to take pictures but I still going to lol! Dora's supposed to be there too and I'm not going to lie, Joe and I both are just as excited as Noah lol!
So I guess you can tell by the Bead Specials this week that I'm STILL stuck on beach beads but I promise you I'm working on some different stuff too. I'll also have some small strawberry sets and cherry sets coming up next weeks specials and more large flower buttons. I've got some new frits to play with too which I always love doing. There is always some great color reactions to be had when working with frits so it's always fun to wake up the next day and pop open the kiln and see what happened. I've been packaging gobs and gobs of beads today and I'm so happy to say I have everything out and heading to their new owners. Now I just need to get started on this weeks orders, Thanks so much for keeping me busy! Let me know if there is anything specific you are wanting to see me make. Have a great day!


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