Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday updates and chat

Noah & Daddy walking the pier at the lake. It's only a few miles down the street and a great place to sit and eat and feed the ducks.
Finally a nice enough day to do our first mowing of the season! With a little help from Noah of course lol!

Getting his Rescue Pack ready before leaving for the show!
He loves his sunglasses, it alwasy cracks us up cause he looks like he's under cover lol!
Look at all those curls! This was one of those great shots that you didn't know you had until you upload them all. I love pics like these, they're great for scrapbooking!
Always happy to be outside! It's been a loooooooong winter!

Noah and I at the show! Right before the show started they had a fun set up for free pictures!

Specials sold in a flash again except for one of the pendants! Thanks so much! I'm again going to leave things up and take a few orders even on the Strawberry set too since that one is getting paid for by check I have a few days to make up a few more sets of those too. I've already started on some more specials that I didn't quite finish up yet so I hope to get to that later today and I'll have a few more specials by the weekend! The weather has been awesome here and we've spent most all of the day outside the past several days. It's calling for rain this week but so far it hasn't yet.
So anyhow, we couldn't have possibly have had a better time at the Diego show! It was a blast! The puppets, the dancing, the singing, the actors everything was terrific! Now we're planning on the Wiggles in August...I wonder if Noah will notice that Greg yellow Wiggle is different? He's his favorite. Ok I'm off to get some work done but I'll leave you with some pics of the weekend.

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