Happy Easter!!

Yippy!! Had such a blast at my book group last night. We do a project every month while we discuss the book, snack and just overall chill out. It's a nice and well deserved mom break :) This month we discussed Dean Koontz' Odd Thomas which I really enjoyed and now I plan to pick up the others in the series. We made cigar box purses this time, I'm still working on mine but you can see below what all I've done to it so far. I still plan to lacquer it and bling it up with some flat back crystals and some distressing paint so the green isn't so perfect and I'm adding a big pink silk flower to it too. Very whimsical I love it! I'll have more pics when it's all done. Here's a pendant that I made myself I wore it last night, very fitting don't you think lol! This is one of a new line of pendants I've been making that will be making their debut to the site soon. They are similar to my soldered pendants but with using wood I'm able to get more textured and 3d with images and embellishments. I have a new auction starting tonight! Once I link up the pic on my main page I won't be updating the site for a few days while I get my new one up but I will be available through emails, you will still be able to place orders etc so it won't effect anything like that and I'll still be able to chat here on my blog. I LOVE changing out my site 2-3 times a year and keeping things fresh and new looking and different from other sites. Hope you have a safe and wonderful Easter! I'll be spending my long weekend decorating eggs with Noah and catching up on movies and shows with Joe. I have the cutest picture of Noah with Easter Bunny, he is so in love with the Easter Bunny it's hilarious. We're going to take him again tomorrow for one last hooray before the Easter Bunny needs to hop along her merry way ;) I'll post the pic soon, it's pretty cute. HAPPY EASTER!


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