Sorry for the lack of updating this week. TGIF came and went and things got so busy! Had a great weekend. Took Noah to Jungle Java which was awesome and has great food. Got to hit up Ikea and get some more bins and carts etc for organizing my scrapbooking stuff and other goodies in the studio. I love Ikea! and I love feeling organized. Been helping my mom out during the day time while my dad's at work and my brother's at school. Her surgery went awesome and she's doing great just can't use her left arm for a while so that's no fun but at least she's right handed. Got my new torch and concentrator set up and have been having a blast playing with that. Finally got caught up on orders and have just about everything shipped out (the rest is on it's way tomorrow! Thanks so much!) I'll have a new auctions and bead specials ready to go this weekend. Been having fun playing with some new frit. I love frit so much! It makes plain beads fun, makes for a pretty background on decorated beads and the color combo's are endless. It's especially great for sprucing up glass colors that I get bored with. I need to come up with a better way to organize all my frits though cause they're getting out of control lol! I have some new joolz coming soon too. Lot's of new copper pieces. I'm still hooked on the warmth and richness of copper and have some great new pieces to show you. Joe's sick :( Noah started to get sick but I caught it like right off the bat and got him in to the docters and on an antibiotic right away and he hasn't been fazed at all. So I'm knocking on wood that I don't get any bugs cause I have way too much stuff to do this week and next and have been popping the vitamin C like crazy lol! As much as I'm ready for warm weather I still prefer that it happen gradually. The past 2 days have shot up to the 70's and now tomorrow we're dropping back down to the 30's for a while. I hate when that happens, it always seems to screw people up health wise. Anyhow I think I've got you all caught up on what's been happening. I'm posting new soldered pendants tomorrow and some new joolz so I'll be back then with another update. Have a great night!


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