I can't belive the first week of March is coming to an end already! I'm getting antsy for no coat weather days to begin and to go on some vacations and weekend getaways. This year Joe starts to get 3 weeks of vacation time and he can split them up any way he likes so we're pretty excited about that extra week. Plus more single days or paid personals I think they call them so those are nice to create 4 and 5 day weekends with. I'm really looking forward to landscaping and gardening. This will be our second summer in the new house but it was a big move and we had no desire to do any outside work last year but this year I'd mostly like to really fill in the beds and then lay down plastic mulch everything so my weed pulling days are minimal and we're planning on putting in a nice big play area for Noah with swings and slides and sandbox and that sort of thing in the back yard. Seeing the snow melting is definitly giving me the itch can you tell? lol!! I've got new soldered pendants making their way to the site later today. I still absolutely love to make these and wear them. They are each one of a kind and very unique to wear. I'll give a heads up once they go in the Rings n Things. I've got lot's of beads I'm working on still too. Thanks for keeping me busy and for being so patient I'll have lot's of beadies heading to their new homes tomorrow and over the weekend as well. I'm in the process of upgrading torches. I've actually had my new torch for a bit but haven't used it yet because I been waiting and doing homework on Oxygen Concentrators and thanks to Kimberly at Pyronamix I've got my new concentrator on it's way! I'm so excited! This thing will more than pay for itself within few months. Oxygen tanks run out SUPER fast, I'm talking like weekly and $40-$60 to refilll them everytime and rent or buy the tanks is no fun not to mention safety issues as well, so I'm a happy camper. I'm going to be switching out my Made to Order page soon I'm not sure how much longer I'll have Easter beads up for order so if there is something you want let me know soon because Easter is just around the corner. I've already got my brain going on a totally new look for my site looking for a bit of a change for Spring/Summer season. Those of you that know me probably aren't surprised at all lol! Ok I'm off to get some work done! Have a great day! Check back later for new pendants!


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