Thursday, March 01, 2007


What a gloomy and cruddy day. It's so dark out and its raining but it's making for messy roads. On the plus side all the snow is melting away. Yesterday Noah had so much fun on his playdate! My best friend from high school, Melissa has a 2 yr old and a brand new baby so we all had a blast hanging out and playing. Calista and Noah played so good and shared their snacks and I have the cutest picture of them both sitting together on his Diego quad riding around lol! We were laughing so hard at how hilarious they were. Also last night I went out for some pampering and got my hair done and I was sooooo ready for a change so I chopped it all off! Or rather my friend Jill did lol! I love it! Plus is looks super cute with all the big earrings I like to wear too. I'll have to update my Bio pic. I'm planning on having a few specials up later today not a whole lot just a few Eastery things. I should be all caught up and able to work on finishing some new auction sets and new and different things for specials for next week. I'll keep you posted and I'll send out an email later today for specials so sign up for it if you haven't already!

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