Crafty Momma!

"these are multi-purpose wings & when she's not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears "

What happens every single time I go into my favorite craft store? I come out with bags full of new things to make. Today was one craft infested day. I have, in the past, spent and arm and a leg on custom frames before then I discovered IkEA and cheap o unfinished frames from the craft store and a little black paint and viola! The frames I did up today look just as great as the $$$ ones do! THEN I found tucked back in a dusty corner in a spare bedroom this oldfashion telephone table (I think that's what it's called) and same black paint and a little sandpaper and I've got me a new little antiqued looking table for my little tv in my studio. THEN late one night earlier this week my brain was working OT and I was thinking up some cool new pendants sort of like the soldered pendants that I make except I was thinking about all the cool papers and 3 D type embellishements I'd like to be able to incorporate so while at said craft store I come upon these wooden template thingys (not sure what they're actually called) and I've been created altered art pendants all day long as well as little hand mirrors and these cool magnets. I'm still playing around with the hand mirrors cause I may do them altered and some soldered plus I'd like to get some velvet or organza pouches for them too before I finish them up and put them on my site. Just a bunch of fun , unique and cool things to collect or give as gifts. Working with wood is really awesome because I get to hand paint designs and stamp on them too which is super fun and looks awesome. It's like soldered pendants kicked up a notch or two and allows for texture. So anyhow I'll have pics of some of the new goodies up this weekend. I'm still working on octopuss and sand dollar bead orders. They're so much fun to make I'm going to keep them up a while longer and then when I get the next batch of specials up I'll move them to Made to Order for a while too. They make great earrings and cute charms. I've got a new auction in the works and I'll be aiming to get that finished up this weekend I also have a fun little extra that will be a part of the auction too, you'll see!!!


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