TGIF! and New Newsletter stuff

Happy Friday! I've been working on setting up my new Newsletter program today and of course whenever there is any sort of change there is always some sort of complications so just in case you didn't get your email reminding you to Opt in on the new list here is the link to the new page for Newsletter Signups once you fill this out you'll get an email with a link to click on to confirm your sign up. I tried to send out a confirmation through email and it's messing up for some and some people havent' gotten them at all so I'll give it a couple of days and also I'll have an auction going up tomorrow so I'll post a little reminder and link in tomorrows mailing (I'll use my old program for this mailing to ensure that everyone will get it) Nothing can ever just be simple and easy can it? lol!!
Can you belive it's February! Did the Ground Hog see it's shadow or not? I forgot to check and see what the verdict was. We have been getting hit with quite a bit of snow and freakishly freezing sub zero temps. here in Michigan. This weekend it's supposed to even colder yet so it'll be perfect for cozy movie watching and knitting :) For tomorrow's family movie night we are watching Open Season, I think Noah will really enjoy it. He really loves watching his cousin Denny play it on Game Cube (which I'm secretly addicted to lol). Tomorrow night is another guys poker night which usually starts after the kiddos all go to bed for me & carrie so we can knit and watch girly movies or "Chick Flicks" as our hubby's like to call them :)
I'm off for now but stay tuned for another email if you are on my list because I'll have a new auction and something a little fun and different to offer for specials as well. Have a great weekend! Stay warm!


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