Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for? I honestly am not into football so I don't care either way. Joe and Noah are watching while I spend the whole evening playing with some new altered art projects and that pretty much means there's a lot of drying time involved so I go back and forth between work areas to my sewing machine where I've been playing around with some new fabrics I picked up yesterday. It has been so incredibly cold it's unreal! Perfect for tea and having the fireplace going and that's about it! As you can see in the pic above Noah isn't too thrilled with the cold either :) The other pic is of Noah with his cousin Denny. Denny's got a lot of patience when it comes to horsing around with Noah and he thinks it's pretty funny when Noah climbs on him so it turned out to be a perfect pose for their latest pics together:)


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