Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Power outtage!

So last night everyone is asleep, I'm cozied up knitting squares watching Stylicious on Tivo catching up on my shows when zap! total darkness. So I scramble my way to the kitchen and grab the lantern and a flashlight from under the kitchen sink and head up to bead to read instead, thinking that the power will most likely turn on soon. Wrong! It didn't come back on until 7am and with negative temps outside it quickly turned into a meat locker in here. I was tempted to drag down the futon mattress from the guest room and set us all up to camp out in front of the fireplace but I just figured power would be restored within the hour. I didn't sleep much and couldn't stand not knowing what time it was. I brought Noah into our bed along with about 5 extra comforters so it was quite a cozy nest, though. :)

Tonight is bookgroup! So I'm off to go figure out what dish I'm going to bring and I have some goodies for the gals to finish up as well. I have some pics to take of some new pieces too so you might get a sneak peek later on today if I have time.

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